Last Wednesday, I attended my first State of Origin match and wow was it electrifying. The build up here in Sydney was huge, Central Station was almost infested with players’ posters. The city was truly Blue for the team. This is why the famous landmark, The Harbour Bridge was lit up blue (photo credit).

Now you know, State of Origin is a really big deal here. Basically it is a series of 3 matches where the best of New South Wales(NSW) and Queensland play each other. I would describe it as having intensity of a Champion’s League Final mixed with the guaranteed talent of a NBA All-Star West v East game.

NSW have been on a losing steak for 7 years in a row. Even though NSW played much better last year, the individual talent of the Queensland side gave them the edge.

ANZ Stadium was almost at full capacity with an attendance of 80,380. My seat was in the heart of the NSW supporters on the North side of the Sydney Olympic Stadium, The Blatchy’s Blues,  a recently formed group of supporters that wear blue wigs. We also have he world record of most people wearing wigs within a venue (12,083).

The match itself had everything: suspense, great athleticism, individual efforts, a fight and a thrilling finish. See for yourself 🙂

It is really one of the great experiences of being in Sydney.