About Me

I moved to Sydney in 2012 after studying in Melbourne. My roots are Mauritian.
Mauritius ✈ Melbourne ✈ Sydney

Why noob?

A Noob means newbie, so I see things from an outsider’s point of view with objectivity. A noob is also more open to experience and keen to learn more.

Why The Sydney Noob?

I write from the consumers’/dinners’ point of view who are willing to spend their hard earned cash. More about my rating system here.

Review or Report?

Reviews are unbiased opinions based on my life experiences where I paid for goods or/and services as an anonymous customer.
Reports are a subjective write up where a party has contributed to the fee in any way or an event/special session/invitation specially organised that would not reflect what a normal paying customer would experience.

Food Journey

I was lucky to be exposed to a wide variety of cuisines in my hometown (Chinese, Indian, French, Creole, Italian, Modern, Fusion) having lots of expats living there and 5-star luxury resorts. Following that, experienced a totally different selection in Melbourne (Afghan, Australian, English, Greek, proper Italian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Japanese and Korean). My palette has been around so I’m not afraid to try out new dishes or ingredients.
My criteria are service, technical execution, taste and fair value.


I tweet about sport sometimes, I support:

  • Melbourne Victory
  • Melbourne Storm
  • NSW Waratahs
  • Liverpool FC
  • LA Lakers
  • Geelong Cats (went to see them live but not a big fan or AFL)


Please request my media kit at contact(at)thesydneynoob.com.

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E: contact(at)thesydneynoob.com

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PERSONAL DISCLAIMER. this is a personal journal where all opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions based on personal experience. Sponsored events or items, where I don’t pay the retail price will be disclosed clearly within the post. Although it may claim otherwise, this blog does not offer legal, medical, psychiatric, veterinary, logical or any other kind of professional advice.