You have been able to free some time and motivation to make it to the gym, you get in, now all the cardio machines are taken: the treadmill, the bicycles, the ellipticals. I don’t have to worry now, I just go straight to the ERGs.
I am pretty sure that the rowing machines/ergometers/ERGs are there in a dark corner almost like part of the decor. It is perhaps, the most underused machine in the gym, but it has the potential to save you time and offer an overall better workout.

Why I prefer the rowing machine?

  • More efficient in so many ways:
    • It is almost always available = less waiting time.
    • Total body workout, it covers upper and lower body.
    • Has the potential to burn more calories in a shorter period of time.
  • Good warm up/cooldown for strength and resistance exercises.
  • Low-impact compared to running, so reduces your risk of overuse and injury.

I found this video showing the ideal rowing form to maximise results and limit injuries.

The video gives a good guide of what resistances to use when starting up. There is a learning curve to perfect your form and endurance particularly if you have a weaker upper body. It will be all worth it.

I am still a beginner 2000m in 8m45s,  resistance 10.
Let me know what’s your time 🙂