Tomorrow is Monday, great. Taking the train is the most dreaded part of the day, and you know what you get to do it twice!

Everybody hates CityRail, also known as ShityRail. Well it is not that bad in winter, in summer most trains I take have no air conditioning and are overcrowded. These trains are a disgrace for a city like Sydney!

In summary what to expect in peak-hour?

  • Late trains
  • Cancelled trains
  • Stand (if you are within 20km from the city)
  • Claustrophobia
  • Suffocate from BO
  • Catch germs

 How to make your trip more bearable?

  • Think of your time standing as a workout
  • Get a pair of noise canceling or isolating earphones (will blog on this)
  • Take an earlier train or non-express train for more comfort at the price of time
  • Distract yourself with a nice book, magazine or game (this really works for me)
  • Download TripView available for most smartphones. This tracks trains in real time for free, you will have to buy the app to save your common trips.
  • It could be worst??