I bought my first compression set a few months ago, now I wish I could afford to wear them all the time. I chose Skins and I’m very satisfied.The most important thing, was the muscle support and cooling feel they have. I’ve also noticed that I have no pain the next day when I wear them.

The claims:

  • Enhanced performance (worth it if you train competitively)
  • Reduced injury
  • Reduced recovery time



Fair review:


Bottom line:

Buying a better brand for the performance would not matter for your usual gym session, but normally, it means that the compression or tightness will remain for longer after multiple uses. Personally I would only buy them online or on sale but make sure you fit them on for sizing beforehand.

You are in luck, Rebel Sport 30-50% off compression wear which is even cheaper then online stores, I might get some too :).