In Australia there are many teams sports to watch such as:

  • A-League (Soccer)
  • AFL (Aussie Rules Football)
  • NRL (Rugby League)
  • Super Rugby (Rugby Union)

In my opinion, if you do not watch any of them, the NRL is a good stating point specially in Sydney where it is the most dominant sport. The two main reasons are that talking about NRL is a good way to socialise at work and you can easily find a local club near you to support and go attend live matches.

Most workplaces have a “Footy Tipping” competition where you pick the winner of each match. Talking about sport is a really good ice breaker and it actually does bridge the generation gap with your elder colleagues.

The rules are really easy to follow compared to the others:

  • A match consists of 2 halves of 40min exactly
  • Ball has to be passed backwards or in the same line when using hands however it can be kicked forward
  • Each team gets a maximum of six tackles before handing over the ball
    • The number of the screen is the tackle count e.g. 2 or 2nd
  • 4 points for a try, grounding the ball behind the opponent’s try line, a conversion is given
  • 2 points for conversion or penalty kick, kick the ball between the posts from a dead ball
  • 1 point for field goal, where the ball touches the ground first then kicked between the posts

How and where to start watching?

Its a channel Nine on Fridays for free. The Footy Show on Thursdays is also a good way to get initiated to the game, it is very entertaining and funny and gets even better once you get to know the players.

Next time which team you should support.