There is something beautiful about the contrast between hot and cold in this drink. Your brain gets confused while trying to react to the warmth of the hot choc and coldness of the vanilla ice cream. It’s quite fun and tastes pretty good too.Warning: very rich chocolate drink!


They also sell cakes, confectionery chocolate and ice cream. At San Churro, I think it’s best to stick to the core offering as it is the best thing they offer. Warm and crispy with that slight chewiness when dipped in their chocolate sauce Hmm Yummy. It might get a little too sweet but one churro per person is more than enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.


Fresh churros with quality molten chocolate always hits the spot. Much better than comparable Max Brenner and Oliver Brown.

Would I go again?


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Review: Chocolateria San Churro - Darling Harbour
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