Ginger offers home-cooked style dishes and the restaurant is literally a converted house which on one side makes the place more authentic and homely,  the flip-side is that it might be too claustrophobic and dark inside.


Best dish, I would describe it as an Indian pie with tangy salsa but it’s much more than that. The samosa shell just melts in your mouth after that vinaigrette had broken the floury samosa sheets.  That vinaigrette packed lots of flavour from spices,  fresh tomatoes, onions and chickpeas for texture and body. The filling had a very dense consistency for a vegetarian dish and felt almost like minced-meat(thumbs up!). Together the samosa and other elements are well-balanced. This dish could convert any meat-lover to vegetarian.


Curry sauce was alright,  prawns were ever so slightly undercooked,  I’m not sure if the chef meant it,  but most people would have sent it back. Although it’s much better than overcooked prawns.


Best curry of the two.  Curry sauce was above average and the star here is the chicken which is so tender, it melts in your mouth.


Not the best biryani but far from the worst. Nothing was wrong technically rice had a bite to it,  lamb broke apart,  there was something missing though.


Naan is an absolute must to clean up your curry. Fluffy and light, no complaints here.


Solid restaurant offering as many proper vegetarian as non-vegetarian mains that pack a ton of flavour. That said, I have tasted better renditions of the dishes above and at their price point there is somewhat a mismatch in value especially portion size.

Would I go again?


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