Located in the Castle Hill RSL, the ambience is more up-market compared to other Yum Cha places.
The main difference is the service,  it’s so noticeable after having The Eight as a baseline,  they must have brought over descendants of emperors’ servants and from the part of China that speaks English. All jokes aside, it is a breath of fresh air to see that good service and a Yum Cha restaurant can co-exist in the same universe. Whether they are consistent with their level of service, that’s another question.
The Yum Cha selection and quality overall is average. Steam dumplings are about as good as any place within that price range. Squid was a tad rubbery, all-time favourites congee and mango pancake were also good! Coconut flan dessert was surprisingly good!


Jin Yan is a solid restaurant within its area although I wouldn’t say it warrants a trip down if you do not live near Castle Hill. On the other hand, if you do, it is the closest thing to the real deal with pretty good service for an Asian restaurant. If convenience is a big factor, this place isn’t bad.

Would I go again?

If I’m lazy and need a quick Yum Cha fix.

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Review: Jin Yan: Yum Cha
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