Meat and Wine Co, Darling Harbour is definitely set for a special event: spacious, dim lights and of course the view onto Darling Harbour (and Saturday night fireworks). The menu is classic steakhouse with classics like steak, ribs,  so I judged them very harshly on service. Meat and Wine Co restaurants in Sydney participate in the Free Wine App:


meat and wine co darling harbour free wines app screenshotFree Wine? yes it’s free. The app is available on iOS and Android devices. The app contains a growing list of restaurants ranging from $20pp to $200pp. Simply search for a restaurant and go to the page. On the restaurant page, there will be a ‘Free Wine List’ button which will propose a choice of wines. Just show this screen to the waiter and select ‘Order’. Your bottle yes BOTTLE will be on its way. Just make sure you meet the minimum spend and day exclusions.

meat and wine co darling harbour free wines app screenshotFIRST CREEK SHIRAZ

meat and wine co darling harbour free wine


Szechuan calamari, Caramelised High Country Pork Belly, bruschetta and Portuguese prawns with kaffir lime, lemongrass, pearl barley and red quinoa pilaf

meat and wine co darling harbour tasting plate meat and wine co darling harbour tasting plateThe best thing was the calamari, probably once of the best preparations I have tasted. The texture was perfect tender and seemed that the only thing preventing it to melt was the light crumbed case. The slight hint of chili did compliment it. The bruchetta was good as well, crisp bread and fresh toppings. The pork belly was very good, the ratio of fat to meat was on point. I doubt this will serve 4.


A selection of beef, lamb and pork ribs

meat and wine co darling harbour ribs platter meat and wine co darling harbour ribs platterThe trio of ribs, we all know pork ribs are the best. For me pork has the best texture and the smokiness of the grill really compliments the meat in terms of flavour.

The beef although it had great flavour had a tough texture compared to the pork. The connective tissue became overly chewy and very unpleasant.

The lamb had classic lemon and herb marinade. The meat was cooked meat rare and my second favorite after the pork.

Please serve more chips for $55.


A selection of individual desserts: Chocolate & Hazelnut Fondant, Crumble, Crème Brûlée

meat and wine co darling harbour the grand finale meat and wine co darling harbour the grand finale meat and wine co darling harbour the grand finale meat and wine co darling harbour the grand finaleThis trio of desserts was made of two french classics and the English crumble outsider. It was an outsider in terms of taste as well. The first impression was that it was dry even with the anglaise sauce and ice-cream. The apple was a little undercooked for me. The creme brulee was perfect and faultless. The fondant was decadent although the extra hazelnut didn’t do much, I would have preferred chocolate only.


Meat and Wine Co is just barely not a complete tourist trap. The starters and desserts are well overpriced although, most of them were enjoyable but not beyond criticism. I still prefer Hurricane’s ribs and the menu is just classic steakhouse. The service felt understaffed as the wait between courses was too slow. The view is alright but only worth it for Saturday fireworks.

The Free Wines App is easy to use and a nice extra if your favourite restaurants are on their books.

Would I go again?


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Next to IMAX, 31 Wheat Road, Darling Harbour, Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

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