They use a mixture of noodles Hokkien and rice vermicelli which is how the Malaysian uncle at uni use to serve it, guessing it is pretty authentic. I always enjoyed this mix of textures, the curry soup base was so good and I had to stop myself from drinking it all. That laksa was so filling not only was the portion of noodles huge but there were so many chicken pieces in it making this dish great value. Just beware of the spiciness though.


This dish is very good, from the fragrant coconut rice to the tender beef chunks that falls apart with a spoon. This is one of those dishes that is fully customisable with a great number of texture combinations possible. Certainly, it’s one of those dishes that everyone would experience differently. The sambal was very spicy and gave that heat and kick as you need.


This old cold tea is sweet and the most efficient way to cool you down from the tasty spicy dishes.


If I had to judge the authenticity of the food by the spiciness,  this was up there. Overall it was very tasty and had that kick. It might even be too spicy for some compared to Mamak and Pappa Rich. Service is quick and efficient.

Would I go again?


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Review: Petaling Street - Haymarket (Sydney)
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