If I had a time machine, this is how I would redo my uni in Australia.

University Career Map

This plan is designed to spread the difficulty load and ensure that you have a good chance of getting through any graduate program screening and be ahead of the competition for graduate jobs.
Spreading the load, basically meaning “saving” some first and second year units/electives for your final year so instead of doing a full load of third year units, you might do 6 3rd year and 2 1st year units. It does not seem like a big difference but it really helps. Most first year units do not have time consuming assignments and group work.

Year 1

In your first year, make sure you do all the units that are dependencies for second year units. Unfortunately, you have to be more or less sure of your major at this point.
In your second semester, start doing some second year units again that are prerequisites for 3rd year ones.  You are not new anymore, time to look for some volunteer positions that might lead to leadership roles.


Look for an internship in the industry you want to be in. e.g. if you are majoring in software engineering, try to get a programming job. Just to make sure you will actually enjoy a career in that industry for the near future

Year 2

Ditto, do the most of 2nd and 3rd year units as you can, 1st year units for the rest.
Get into some leadership roles at university; sports, clubs and societies or the student union.


Internship again.

Year 3

You should now have may be 2 or 3 1st year units, spread them out accordingly in the two semesters.

Graduate Programs:

If you are interested in graduate programs, most of them open from Feb – April. Now you will have a very good resume to get through screening. You will have good grades at least a credit average, internship experience and leadership roles.


Relax, travel before you have to work forever…


Even if you do not get in a graduate program, your resume has a degree and relevant work experience that puts you in pole position for a entry level job.

Happy ever after… 🙂


  • Better GPA, WAM  by spreading the load, it gives you more time to get better marks in 2nd and 3rd year units that have more weight in the calculations. UNSW formula.
  • Saving some electives in the end, might give you the choice to choose easier ones and ace them for a better average, GPA, etc.
  • Better chance at a job right out of uni.


  • Have to choose your major early.
  • No failing, or else you might have to do one more semester due to availability of subjects.